Aaron Soon is an artist based in Los Angeles, CA.  He grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and went to San Jose State University. There he studied animation and illustration and graduated with a BFA.  He now works as a storyboard artist at Dreamworks Animation.
He grew up being entertained by cartoons and, coupled with his love for drawing, was inspired to make some cartoons of his own. He enjoys drawing in his sketchbook, corny puns, playing his guitar, and long walks in the woods. In addition to skills as a storyboard artist, he has extensive animation experience using Flash for commercials, television, and mobile games. Some of his clients include Dreamworks, Ghostbot, Fox's Animation Domination Hi- Def,  and Aquify, Inc.

Aaron Soon offers a high quality product in a timely manner, so contact him with all of your illustration and animation needs today.